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1910 Microfilm

    1. Mike Brocius (Broscius)  Age:52 State:PA Color:W Enumeration District:0079  Birth Place:Russia Visit:0235  County: Northumberland, Mt Carmel  Relation: Head of Household  Other Residents: Relation Name Age Birth Place 2. Wife Annie 42 Russia Daughter 3.Casie 23 Pennsylvania Daughter 4.Mary 21 Pennsylvania 5.Son Frank 20 Pennsylvania 6.Daughter Bertha 15 Pennsylvania 7.Daughter Pearl 13 Pennsylvania 8.Daughter Martha 10 Pennsylvania 9.Son Joe 08 Pennsylvania 10.Son Walter 05 Pennsylvania 11.Daughter Ellie 02 Pennsylvania 12.Father-in-law John Grike 70 Germany Viewing records 11-12 of 12

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    The BROSCIUS Surname: 

 The name is from BROSZYS, LITHUANIAN for AMBROSE.

 The name changes spelling sometime in the early 19th century.

 In the OLD COUNTRY, the ending would change depending on whether or not you were female, male, married, or unmarried.