Anut Jane

John J Cronin  Age:45 State:PA Color:W Enumeration District:0680  Birth Place:Pennsylvania Visit:0141  County: Philadelphia, Philadelphia  Relation: Head of Household  Other Residents: Wife Bridget 40, Pennsylvania Sister Catharine 30, Pennsylvania Cousin Mary Coyle 61, Ireland

John J Cronin  Age:20 State:PA Color:W Enumeration District:0984  Birth Place:Pennsylvania Visit:0104  County: Philadelphia, Philadelphia  Relation: Cousin  Other Residents: Head of Household Catharine Sullivan

John J Cronin  Age:45 State:PA  Color:W Enumeration District:1046  Birth Place:Pennsylvania Visit:0208  County: Philadelphia, Philadelphia  Relation: Head of Household  Other Residents:Wife Jane 44, Pennsylvania Viewing records 21-30 of 33     

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