Elizabeth Laux geboren 8Jun1864 on the Mosel River in the Alsace-Lorraine area of Prussia¹

Father=Joseph Laux geboren 1828 Klüsserath,RH
Mother=Christina Berweiler geboren
Husband=John C(Cyril) Schuck born 1860 in PA
Children=George Leo Schuck born in PA 1892
George was supposed to be Leo, but Anmy took him to be baptised and named him George.
Raymond J. Schuck born 7 OCT 1899
Arnold Gregory Schuck born May 9,1908
Arnold marries Frances
Christina Schuck
Sister Marie Cornelius
Cornelius Schuck
He was buried in his altar boy cassock and surplice when he was 9
Climbing My Family Tree
Saint Edward's Roman Catholic Church
Her life


This is what I was told by my mother, who was ten years old when her grandmother died. The family bible has been kept for 100 years. It tells who was at the weddings, also. She knew Margaret Gillespie Bonvicin, who was a neighbor a few blocks away. They exchanged baby pictures.


  Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index Viewing records 1-2 of 2 Matches    

Mrs Elizabeth Schuck  Age:69 State:PA Color:W;W Enumeration District:0125  Birth Place:Austria Visit:0163  County: Northumberland  Relation: Mother-in-law  Other Residents: Head of Household Theodore Fabie

Elizabeth Schuck  Age:85 State:PA Color:W Enumeration District:0928  Birth Place:Germany Visit:0114  County: Philadelphia, Philadelphia  Relation: Mother  Other Residents: Head of Household Jacob Schuck Viewing records 1-2 of 2     

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