Schuck marries Longow

Elizabeth M. SCHUCK born March 1, 1866 married Peter Longowski, aka LONGO born August 12, 1856.

1.Frances J. LONGO  
2.Joseph E. LONGO
3.Matthew M. LONGO
4.Andrew LONGO
5.Mary LONGO -died during infancy
6.John A. LONGO
7.Peter J. LONGO
8.Elizabeth M. LONGO

My COUSINS and Aunts and Uncles

Frances LONGO marries. Dies.
Joseph E. LONGO marries MARY KASHUBA
Matthew M. Longo marries Kate Kerstetter
Andrew Longo
Mary Longo
John A. Longo marries Bertha Shipe
Peter J. Longo marries Bella Crawford
Elizabeth M. Longo marries William E. Crawford

1910 Miracode Census

Log Out  |  MyAccount   Welcome, Antoinette Rossi (login as another user)  Search by Record Type    |   Search by Locality    |   Images Online    |   Search Help   Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index Viewing records 1-3 of 3 Matches     Peter Longo  Age:38 State:PA  Color:W Enumeration District:0040  Birth Place:Italy Visit:0445  County: Luzerne  Relation: Head of Household  Other Residents:Wife Annie 22, Pennsylvania Daughter Rosie NR, Pennsylvania 3 non-relatives Peter Longo  Age:54 State:PA  Color:W Enumeration District:0125  Birth Place:Pennsylvania Visit:0277  County: Northumberland  Relation: Head of Household  Other Residents:Wife Mrs Elizabeth 44, Pennsylvania Son Joseph E 20, Pennsylvania Son Matthew 18, Pennsylvania Son Francis F 16, Pennsylvania Son Andrew 14, Pennsylvania Son John 11, Pennsylvania Son Peter 09, Pennsylvania Daughter Elizabeth M 02, Pennsylvania Peter Longo  Age:51 State:PA Color:W Enumeration District:0194  Birth Place:Italy Visit:0237  County: Philadelphia, Philadelphia  Relation: Head of Household  Other Residents:Wife Mary 31, Italy Son Achile 14, Italy Daughter Calra 12, Italy Son Jacob 10, Italy Son Jpshe 04, Pennsylvania Daughter Susie NR, Pennsylvania Viewing records 1-3 of 3       

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