Jean BROSCIUS   Birth Date:24 Jun 1906   Death Date:Jun 1982   Social Security Number: 170-24-6446   State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Pennsylvania  Death Residence Localities  ZIP Code:17110   Localities: Beaufort Farm, Dauphin, Pennsylvania Camp Curtin, Dauphin, Pennsylvania Estherton, Dauphin, Pennsylvania Fort Hunter, Dauphin, Pennsylvania Harrisburg, Dauphin, Pennsylvania Hbg, Dauphin, Pennsylvania Heckton, Dauphin, Pennsylvania Lucknow, Dauphin, Pennsylvania Rockville, Dauphin, Pennsylvania Uptown, Dauphin, Pennsylvania Windsor Farms, Dauphin, Pennsylvania  Return to search results  This data is only accurate as of 30 September 2000. The information on this printout is from the United States government records and is in the public domain. No claim to copyright is expressed or implied.

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