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The Media Of Mass Communication Fifth Edition Chapter.15 In this chapter you will learn:.. @Most media scho;lars today believe the effects of the mass media generally are cumulative over time. @Individuals choose some mass media over others for the satisfactions they anticipate. @Individuals have substantial control over mass media effects on them. @Mass media have a significant role helping children learn society's expectations of them. @Scholars differ on whether media-depicted violence triggers aggressive behavior. @The mass media set the agenda for what people are interested in and talk about. @The mass media can work against citizen involvement in political processes. Media Effects The boy genius Orson Welles was on a roll. By 1938, at age 23, Welles's dramatic flair had landed him a network radio show, "Mercury Theater on the Air," at prime time on CBS on Sunday nights. The program featured adaptations of well-known literature. For their October 30 program, Welles and his colleagues decided on a scary 1898 British novel.