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For those of you that have enjoyed the midi's on my page or would like them for your
own page, then here is the entire collection for you! If you'd like to hear the midi then simply click on the link and if you'd like to save it, then simply "right click" on the link!
At the bottom of this page I've given the instructions of how to place a midi on your
own web page as well.

And now, the tunes!
Beauty and the Beast (part 1)
Beauty and the Beast (part 2)
Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo
Can You Feel
Circle of Life
Mickey Mouse March
Main Street Electrical Parade
Pocahontas Theme
Some Day (theme from Snow White)
Under the Sea
A Whole New World
Wish Upon A Star
You've Got a Friend
Winnie the Pooh Theme
House at Pooh Corner
Bare Necessaties
Hunchback Theme
Dumbo Theme
Alice in Wonderland
Peter Pan
Sleeping Beauty
Whistle While You Work
Lady and the Tramp


So how can I add a midi to my page?
This is really easy to do. Just copy and paste the following code into your HTML:
<CENTER><embed src="http://name-of-your-page/name-of-midi.mid" autostart=true height=55  width=144></CENTER>
Just send the midi through your FTP and you'll be rockin' on your page!