Emigrants from Brücken

I received, cannot US " cousin " an inquiry from after information to its lines however not help. If someone should be able to help us I ask for information to the following data:   Familie SCHUCK - Mathias and Joseph - so around 1831 in the area of BRIDGES.   Die address this " cousin " would be: CalDreamer@webtv.net thanks for your patience with this inquiry. William Kemendics dear Mr. Kemendics, as Pfaelzerin addressed me the name Schuck directly, and - see there: in the emigrant card index of the BLF I found several Schuck from the space Kaiserslauter Pirmasens, among them also: SCHUCK MICHAEL AND PHILIPP FROM BRIDGES Homburg 21,5,1833 source: Intelligence page, supplement Official Journal Pfalz, Speyer 1833, S.436 Kath.Pfarrei bridges, ev. Pfarrei old person churches if it here also around Matthias and Joseph does not concern itself, then this could be brothers or other relatives nevertheless, who after-moved then.

Passenger Info

Philadelphia,PA 1864
immigrant 9296 page 91

9298 p.1 Gillespie,Martha and 3 children p.56
New York 1821

Galespy,9296 p.83 Thomas 
             p.7 Owen
             p.86 James 

9268      Anna 

Hoagland,Cornelis Dircksen    
New York   1645
9135 0 2

Laux,Joseph 46 M Farmer
      Christina 48 F Unknown
       Carl 17 M
        Eva 11 F
         Christina 10 M?(F)
          Elisabetha 9 F
           Peter 7 M
            Joseph 5 M
             Adela 3 F
All on the CYBELE  from Antwerp to New York
 02April 1874

Schuck,Joseph 21 M Bchr
WMOOO New York 19Jun1854
on the Johann Lange-Bremen

Schuck,Joseph 23 M farmer   GROOO USA
Vasco Da Gama
Also on the ship are Laux,Joseph; 
Becker,Emiel and Hannah

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