Theobaldus SCHUCK

Theobaldus SCHUCK was the father of Joseph Schuck and 
9 other children. He married Anna Maria SCHAEFER on 
the 10th Aug1830 in the Roemisch-Katholische church 
of Bruecken,Pfalz,Bayern.*

They had 10 children.**

1.Joseph b: 10 Dec1831 in Brueken,Pfalz,Bayern***

2.Katharina b: 4 Jul 1834 in Bruecken,Pfalz, 

3.Anna Maria b: 7 Aug 1836 in 

4.Margaretha b: 10May 1839 in 

5.Johannes b: 2 Sep 1841 in 

6.Michael b: 21 Apr 1845 in 

7.Franz b: 26 Dec 1848 in 

8.Jakob b: 17 Aug 1853 in Bruecken,Pfalz,Bayern**********

*Theobaldus SCHUCK marries Anna Maria SCHAEFER 
SS16 Jan 1980 PROVO Ba: M993482 So: 351929

**FamilySearch computer at FHC in Concord,CA

***Ba: C993471 So: 415719 B: 8 Sep 1979 IFALL
E: 16 Jan 1980 IFALL P: 29 Jan 1980 IFALL 

****C993471 So: 415719 B: 25 Aug 1979 IFALL 
E:15Nov1979 IFALL SP: 7 Dec 1979 IFALL

*****Ba: C993471 So: 415719 same as ****





********** Ba: C993471 So: 415720

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